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Hi, I’m Minnie.

If I have to use commonly-used terms to describe what I do, I would say I’m a social entrepreneur, consultant, coach, and speaker. But I prefer to say I’m a “curiosity curator” – more on that later! 

I have a professional background in strategic and operational finance (see below). At the same time, my life challenges included being stuck in chronic pain and fatigue for decades, resulting in depression and financial strain. I was also working through childhood trauma that I didn’t know I suffered until I got older and my life started unraveling. And boy, did I try so many things to *fix* me! Yet, I felt stuck while trying, and I got tired and hopeless.

Fast forward, I still have chronic pain. I still have financial limits (don't we all). And I still have childhood trauma to work through. But now, I don't feel stuck, because I have the necessary tools and plans to keep me moving toward my goals: to continue to heal, create solutions and make an impact.


My greatest desire and calling is to help transform your exhaustion into curiosity: exhaustion from feeling stuck – in your chronic pain, your chaotic finances, or your confusing business choices – into curiosity for what’s possible. Curiosity leads to movement! I want to collaborate with you to equip you with the right tools and an actionable plan, so that you can get moving toward a life of wholeness and integrity.


When YOU get better, our world gets better!

 Here’s what it’s like to work with me:

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More About Me

I’m grateful for the 25+ years I spent in Strategic & Operational Finance. I learned a ton! My work experience involves large corporations, startups, and ministry, including Merrill Lynch, The Walt Disney Company, Fox Entertainment Group, EOS Climate and Epic Church San Francisco. I also helped create business plans for start-ups and non-profits, including Uber Technologies, Donum Dei Classical School San Francisco and Mobilize Love.

After living in many cities around the world (Seoul, New York & New Jersey, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles), I have finally made San Francisco my home since 2011.

My academic degrees include an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and BS in Finance from Rutgers University. I'm also a certified Postural Alignment Specialist for the Egoscue method. Good health care is expensive (*sigh*), and I’ve become passionate about helping others experience the same healing I received, but at a more affordable price. I’m also a Full Focus Planner Certified Pro, which means I can also help you reach your health, growth and business goals using an effective system that has helped me do the same.


Outside of work, I am a lover of nature and travels, and I try to enjoy them with my dog Tani as much as I can. I also love reading 10-12 books a year, enjoying great wine and food in Napa, Sonoma and Alexander Valley, and swimming in the ocean.  

Photo by: Jack Ma

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What if I fall?
Oh but my darling,
what if you fly?

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